Sunday Nights

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So, I have actually really enjoyed meeting in a house.  Totally different experience than my previous church experiences where I don’t know most of the people in the building and we all go our seperate ways the minute the service ended.  Now I have the joy of eating and talking with my church family and sometimes even getting some recording in with some friends after the service.   Here are some more pictures of Sunday evening.



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So Hudson loves to help me strike the set every Sunday.  Actually he enjoys ordering me around.  Here is a little clip of him helping me unplug cables.

Crossing live

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Hey everyone,
So now that we have video capabilities I thought I would share what we have captured so far. Hopefully I the future I will be able to post sermons, teaching, and music this way. Enjoy and feel free to give ideas or suggestions. Oh. And these are unedited so they are a little rough.

Let them eat cake!

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So Marvin and I tried our hands at making cake for our new years eve gathering. Lots of fun (and a bit of a mess). It was very tasty except we did not put enough frosting in the middle. I might have made myself sick by eating a bit much of batter and frosting.




Here are some pics of us on new years eve





O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

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So, every Christmas I get this urge to redo Christmas carols.  I had way too much fun with this one, but then again dance tunes are fun for me.  Merry Christmas!


O Come, O Come Emmanuel

The Christmas Story

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Hey Everyone. Here is an early Christmas present for ya’ll. Merry Christmas

The Christmas Story

Thanks to:
Scott Sluder
Candace Sluder
Emily Janowiak
Belachew Neal
Hudson Muse Neal
Adam Brown
Reese Broaddus
Malcolm Broaddus
Sally Broaddus
Jeff Litsey

Money: What are we to do with it?

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This is are last talk in our series on money and the prosperity gospel.  Brad talks about what we can / are called to do with money.