Danny Carol – Pursuing the Heart of the Father

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Our friend and brother from Indy Alliance taught us this Sunday.  Here is the sermon.  Thanks much to Danny and everyone at Indy Alliance!


A few more thoughts on the Prosperity Gospel

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I really like Dr. Claude Mariottini’s blog.  Usually the blog deals with the old testament, a subject which can be difficult at times to understand . . . at least the  cultural aspects.  In my reading I came across this article on the prosperity gospel that I thought was good.  Check it out


Suffering Part 2

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Here is Scotts talk on Suffering.


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Brads sermon from June 19th on suffering

Prosperity Gospel: Part 2

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Here is the second sermon on the prosperity gospel which is part of our study on money.

Prosperity Gospel

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First on this subject on our topic regarding money:
Prosperity Gospel

Brads interview with Wolfy about money

Crossing 3/20/2011

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From 3/20/2011

The History of the Crossing

Crossing Leadership

Crossing Budget